The Original Big Biscuit: Independence, MO

In the hustle and bustle of a growing world, the original location of a restaurant often serves as the bedrock upon which an enduring brand is built. This unique spot, usually tucked away in the heart of a city or nestled in a quaint neighborhood, holds the key to the restaurant’s identity and success. And for The Big Biscuit, this rings especially true.


The story of The Big Biscuit starts with a modest, charming, yellow restaurant on 40 Highway in Independence, Missouri. Founded in 2000, The Big Biscuit Independence has been wowing guests for over two decades. While unassuming from the road, once you walk through the doors you are greeted by the smiling faces of the staff and a lifetime of memories made and biscuits eaten. 


The quaint charm of the original location is reflected in our overall goal: making breakfast a moment, not just a meal. That’s why The Big Biscuit prides itself on serving impossibly generous portions, quality ingredients, classic favorites, and new twists all with homestyle hospitality. 


While our newer restaurants have modern charms, our original location pays homage to hometown comfort. The walls are decked in classic American pictures covering every topic from music icons, to sports, to movies, and TV. Our founder, Dan Gerson, created The Big Biscuit with family in mind. He wanted to open a restaurant that would allow people of any generation to pull up a chair for the most important meal of the day. 


With every new location we open, we try to keep Dan’s original vision in mind: creating memories over delicious meals for the whole family. The Big Biscuit Independence isn’t just a physical space; it’s the heart of our brand. The memories that have been made within its walls have built a foundation that has supported our growth over the years. 


We are so proud to be founded in Independence. We are looking forward to bringing classic breakfast to the city for the next 24 years, and beyond!