The Big Biscuit SunnySide AI Ordering System

Announcing SunnySide AI Ordering System

April Fools!🤪

While we consider ourselves a modern brand, we’re not able to predict your order just yet! 


The Big Biscuit strives to stay ahead of the curve on modern-day technology, including kitchen display ordering systems for our teams, hand-held point of sales so Guests can order and check out at the table, Guest-friendly online ordering, and a relevant brand image online. 


Although we can’t predict your order just yet, we can make your dining experience quick and easy with online ordering and the ability to join the waitlist before arriving at the restaurant! From the moment you’re greeted by our friendly hosts to receiving recommendations and first-class hospitality from our servers, The Big Biscuit is your spot for homestyle meals that feel good and taste even better! 

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