The Best Pumpkin Pancakes

The smells of fall are in the air – apple cider, cinnamon, pumpkin spice. They just make you feel better, like comfort food. And at The Big Biscuit, we know comfort food. So we thought…why not bring big fall flavors right through the doors of The Big Biscuit and onto your breakfast plate?

We whipped up some big, house-made plate-sized pumpkin pancakes just for you.

The Big Biscuit is known for having the best buttermilk pancakes in town: 2 plate-sized pancakes so fluffy you could take a nap on them (just trust us, we’ve tried it). So you know we’re gonna do pumpkin pancakes the right way. We tried and taste-tested over 100 different recipes in our Big Biscuit kitchens to bring you the best combination of pumpkin pie and buttermilk pancakes. The result? The best PUMPKIN pancakes in town.

The secret to that homemade flavor is using 100% real pumpkin puree and a balanced blend of fall spices we can’t tell you too much about, but you can bet on cinnamon and nutmeg. We hand-whisk the ingredients, pour them onto a hot flat iron grill, and cook them to perfection. Then we top them off with a cool dollop of whipped cream and a dusting of powdered sugar. When it’s all done, we deliver your stack of freshly prepared pumpkin pancakes to your table with a big friendly smile. And you didn’t even have to lift a finger (or get your hand smacked for sampling too much batter).

Pro Tip: If you’re craving more of that decadent pumpkin pie texture, just add crushed pecans!

So next time you’re headed to the pumpkin patch or the apple orchard, swing by The Big Biscuit and try our pumpkin pancakes. You’ll get the best parts of fall, all in one fork. But hurry in! They’re only sticking around until Nov. 22.