First, Breakfast in Kansas City- Now, We’re All Over

We heard you and we listened- we are working hard to gather lots of emails so we can send out newsletters to you all; the reception has been phenomenal. Furthermore, we added a nifty pop-up to our website that garnished over one thousand email signups in the past few weeks. It seems like our supporters, Big Biscuit aficionados, breakfast and lunch lovers, and the like want to see what we’re up to- and we love it here at Headquarters. So without further ado, let’s get down to business (biscuit business). 

First, thanks for clicking through to our blog from the email newsletter! If you still need to sign up to receive email newsletters, you will get the chance at the end of the post. We send newsletters periodically throughout the year to update everyone on new products we use, information on new store openings, updated COVID-19 safety measures, surveys, and tons more! So, please sign up if you haven’t already!

Secondly, this blog is meant for anyone and everyone. Here at the Big Biscuit, we’re in the people business, not the restaurant business, and “people will never go out of business” (Michael Scott). We want our employees, our guests, food vendors, and other local businesses to feel cared about and loved in our storefronts. At the Big Biscuit, we love serving up breakfast and lunch, but mostly, we love to see BIG smiles. We are tirelessly evaluating how we interact with you all, while simultaneously creating delicious breakfast and lunch options for your dine-in and to-go experiences. This blog wants to showcase what we do, how we do it, and why we operate in such a way. Remember, we’re about the people, not the business. 

Thirdly, we hope to create an easy way for our users to get in contact with us, leave feedback on how we can improve our stores, and apply to work in the greatest breakfast and lunch restaurant there is.

So now that we’ve gotten those few introductory items out of the way, let’s talk about what’s in that email:

  1. The Lynn Lane (Broken Arrow, OK) new store opening
  2. Our new location in Lenexa, Kansas
  3. Being featured in the Kansas City Business Journal

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

In February of this year, we opened our twenty first store in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. We feel super pumped to finally open up and serve our Oklahoma friends (remember we’re originally a breakfast and lunch restaurant from Kansas City, MO). This is our second restaurant in the Tulsa area and we have more locations set to open in the future. Since the opening date, the support from the community has been overwhelming; we feel so welcomed and we want you all to know you’re welcomed as well! Stop by 1134 North 9th Street in Broken Arrow to see what we’re about.

Lenexa, Kansas

You heard it here first: we are opening our next location in Lenexa! The best breakfast and lunch spot is coming to Lenexa, Kansas and we couldn’t be more psyched. The construction has already started; you might have passed it once or twice off of 87th Street. We will have more information on the store opening soon, so make plans to get over there for the opening. If you’re someone who wants to review us or come to the grand opening, use the get in contact form to reach out! We love connecting with the community and seeing what our followers are up to. 

The Kansas City Business Journal

Last subject to note on is our appearance in the Kansas City Business Journal. Back in January, author Leslie Collins met with Big Biscuit partner Chad Offerdahl to talk about what we’re up to during the COVID-19 pandemic and how we manage to continue to weather uncertain times while serving the best breakfast and lunch food. In the article, Collins mentions that we pride ourselves “on generous portions at a good value and menu items that are made fresh to order”. She also mentions our detailed procedures for “delivering quality guest service and instilling a friendly culture. The Big Biscuits views customers as ‘guests in our home’’”. Collins notes that as a brand, we understand the importance of finding the right people to run our restaurants. We take our guests seriously and so choosing management is serious as well. 

Ending Notes

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading our first blog post! We feel that this can be an excellent way for our followers to know more about who we are here. Below I’ve put some links to our new store in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, a link to contact us and a quick survey to see where you folks think the next Big Biscuit should be. Check out the Broken Arrow Google My Business page and leave a review! Let us know if you need anything by getting in contact with us and please fill out the quick poll!