Pumpkin Pancakes are back!

August 25, 2021 . We can feel it now (or can we, because, seriously, it is SO HOT). Some of you know what this time of year brings about others may not. That’s okay though- I’ll get to it soon enough. That being said, Fall is a time of year that we love at The Big Biscuit. We go from those hot, muggy days to warm biscuits, fun breakfasts around the table with families, and most of all, cooler weather. Really, who doesn’t love sitting around the fire, gently sipping coffee, eating some s’mores? But also, how could anyone forget, the classic pumpkin spice latte. The same fall coffee special that almost every coffee shop adapts to their liking. For us, though, at The Big Biscuit, our spin on pumpkin spice happens in our Pumpkin Pancakes.

And this year, our Pumpkin Pancakes are extra special. We reinvented our pumpkin pancake recipe this year. That isn’t to say previous years weren’t awesome. But this year, we took a long, hard look at what we serve during this limited time offer and decided we wanted something different. That being said, The Big Biscuit team went back the drawing board and broke it all down to a science. We looked at the quality of ingredients we were using, the quantity of each ingredient, the cooking process, and at the end of it nailed it down to the perfect pumpkin pancake. Our team tried over a hundred recipes and the end-results, are something we are extremely proud to present. We CANNOT¬†wait for you to try our Pumpkin Pancakes this year. With all new spices, REAL PUMPKIN, and the same tender, love, and care that we give to all of our food, this year’s Pumpkin Pancakes are the best yet.

Today, August 25, head down to your nearest Big Biscuit and try the pumpkin pancakes. Try it with your Big Breakfast meal, get a short stack, we even have flavors you can mix and match (hmmm, did someone say pumpkin/pecan pancakes?). I’d eat that!!¬† Anyways, enough mumbo jumbo, here is a sneak peak of what could be in store for you soon *mouth waters*. See you all later!

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